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Mary Pratt

Born and raised in Fredericton, NB. Mary Pratt studied at Mount Allison University. Always leaning toward a more conservative reserved and disciplined approach to her work, her astute eye and attention to detail is obvious in her images. She is fascinated by prisms of colors filtered by light and their relationship with shadow. Mary Pratt is a nationally recognized artist and is also a very active member of the arts community. In 1995 the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, NB. mounted a nationally touring retrospective of her work. Mary has lived in Newfoundland since 1961 where she continues to live and work today.

Mary Pratt - Cut Watermelon
"Cut Watermelon"
16.5 x 24 in.   $3400
Mary Pratt - Pear and Pomegranate
"Pear and Pomegranate"
16.5 x 22 in.   $2800
Mary Pratt - An Offering
"An Offering"
22 x 31 in.   $5000
Mary Pratt - B.C. Delicious
"B.C. Delicious"
16.5 x 23.75 in.   $10000
Mary Pratt - Reflections of Oranges
"Reflections of Oranges"
16 x 24 in.   $10000
Mary Pratt - Peaches in a Plastic Pot
"Peaches in a Plastic Pot"
16.5 x 23.75 in.   $4100
Mary Pratt - Mangos on a Brass Plate
"Mangos on a Brass Plate"
16.5 x 23 in.   $4100


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