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Gallery Artists
Kristina Boardman - Discovery
Kristina Boardman
Clarence Bourgoin - Autumn Logging in Northern NB
Clarence Bourgoin
Mark Brennan - Snowshoe View, near Fundy National PArk
Mark Brennan
Judy Brittain - Mexican Bird
Judy Brittain
Ann Marie Brown - Victory Bouquet
Ann Marie Brown
Ernest Cadegan -
Ernest Cadegan
Sarah Jane Conklin - Steady as she Goes - Chicadee
Sarah Jane Conklin
Grace Curtis - Seaside Sculpting
Grace Curtis
Pierre Giroux - Entree avec Chaisse Rose
Pierre Giroux
Peter Gough - Ivory Sky
Peter Gough
Charles Hayward - Carousel-Ships
Charles Hayward
Jennifer Hornyak - Pink with Silver
Jennifer Hornyak
Larry Horowitz - Reflections, St.Andrew's, NB
Larry Horowitz
Sarah Kidner - Stepping Out
Sarah Kidner
Carole Lessard - Effie
Carole Lessard
Shelley Mitchell - Mahogany
Shelley Mitchell
Angela Morgan - sprinkle dinkles, beach and buckets
Angela Morgan
Cheryl Mount - Gravity
Cheryl Mount
Joanna Olson - Bouguereau & Tea
Joanna Olson
Sophie Paquet - Artist - Sophie Paquet
Sophie Paquet
Heather  Sayeau - Beauty
Heather Sayeau
David  Silverberg - Poppies
David Silverberg
Michelle St. Onge - Winter City Market
Michelle St. Onge
Small Works - Pink Teacups - Joanna Olsen
Small Works
Monika Wright - Coming Together
Monika Wright
Fine Craft Artists
Charles Hayward - Carousel-Ships
Charles Hayward



Trinity Galleries - Atlantic Canadian Art