Ernest Cadegan

Born in Nova Scotia on June 10, 1949, Cadegan spent most, but not all, of his life in the province. Currently, he resides in Hillaton, N.S. with his wife and one of his two stepdaughters.

In 1970, Cadegan began his professional career as a fisheries biologist with the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries but had a hankering to become involved in the world of business and finally made that move in 1980. Eventually, he gravitated to the family business, becoming its president and major shareholder. An exceptional opportunity came along in 1987 to sell their business and they decided to do so. For the most part, Cadegan has been retired since that time.

On the Photographic Front, he first picked up a camera in the early 70s, but it was not until 1995 that he became an avid photographer. He enjoys traveling and uses photography to enrich his experiences while away from home. However a great deal of what he shoots, he finds within the fifty blocks or so that he traverses daily in Halifax.

Wherever he is - in Halifax or on the road - his process is to try keep an open mind and to shoot what comes up during the normal course of what he is doing as photography is very much about place for him.