Hike to the Shore, oil on canvas, 30” x 30”


Grace Curtis

“I believe that art should be beautiful.
I find myself fascinated by light and how it can make even the common things of life beautiful.
It’s the dazzle of light on a subject that invites me to paint it; but, the movement and interaction of the subject is what holds me to my canvas.
The light of each season of the year is unique, but summer light is something special.As a Canadian, when the summer sun comes out I want to be out with it - until the mosquitoes drive me in! The brilliance of a summer day, the sparkle of water, the salty ocean air, the fresh green pastures and the happiness of those scenes....these are the moments that we all want to keep forever.Those moments and their memory are God-given gifts.
I am blessed because each time I go to my studio I get to study those light-filled memories and then remind others of those beautiful gifts once again.” - Grace Curtis

Grace Curtis reached her dream of becoming a professional artist when she completed a degree in Commercial Art from Pensacola Christian College in May 2008. Grace continued training under the instruction of Mr. Brian Jekel, and in May 2011 graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art. In 2014, Grace spent time exploring Italy and soaked up the awe-inspiring Italian landscape, architecture, and art. Currently residing in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Grace’s ability to highlight the beauty of her surroundings continues to set her artistry apart. Although Grace finds inspiration in any sunlit setting, her creativity thrives off finding the unique expression on a subject’s face and capturing the peaceful northeastern Maritimes.