September Room, oil on canvas, 48” x 40”


Pierre Giroux

At the age of 18, Pierre moved to Toronto to study drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), specializing in figurative work, where Pierre studied under Graham Coughtry and other notable artists. His final year was spent in Florence, Italy, were he started a series of paintings inspired by abandoned farmhouses from the area. He painted portraits inspired by a homeless man by the name of Roberto... The final weeks were spent travelling southern France, and then Paris, were he came across a gallery showcasing paintings of interiors, ~ this exhibition changed him from that moment on. This particular French artist captured light and a sense of space like nothing Pierre had ever seen before.

After moving back to Canada, Pierre started a series related to abandoned farmhouses. His recent works have been more about celebrating the spaces, and less about abandonment. They reflect homes from the area where he lives, but also the grander rooms from Europe, especially France. The lighting still has the influence from living in Florence and studying the Italian Renaissance.

Pierre has exhibited in many fine galleries throughout his career - Montreal, Vancouver, Whistler, Edmonton, and now, Trinity Galleries is delighted to be representing Pierre’s work.

"From a staircase discovered in an abandoned farmhouse, to a window inspired by an Italian villa in Tuscany, this is what moves me to paint. I'm drawn to spaces - the way light plays within them, shapes cast in shadows across a wall and floor and the influences incurred by the passing of time. I hope to invoke a sense of timelessness for the viewer." - Pierre Giroux